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For conferences and courses with the openness and courage to listen to difficult truths and be inspired by growth and novel ideas.

  • Trauma

    • Understanding trauma

    • Healing and growth

    • Rethinking our approach

  • Arts, Activism, Mental Health 

  • Redesigning PPI

Written articulations of the impact of violence and abuse, the role our society plays, and what we can do about it (culturally and clinically).

  • Academic papers

  • Books

  • Blogs

  • Poetry & creative writing

For organisations, institutions, clinicians, and researchers with the humility and bravery to improve.

  • Trauma-informed practice

  • Meaningful and empowering patient and public involvement (PPI)

  • Design solutions & creative critical rethinking

Understanding and applying the neurophysiological underpinnings of childhood trauma into novel body-based interventions to both help manage symptoms and process traumatic memories.

Visual articulations of the impact of trauma on mind, brain, and body.

A creative voice that reframes traumatic experiences as narratives of resilience, not victimisation.

  • Solo exhibitions

  • Group exhibitions

  • Film screenings & discussions

  • Commissions

For people with the curiosity and/or the need to understand mind & body connections, and take leadership of their wellbeing, healing, and growth.

  • Trauma-Focused Movement Language (for trauma survivors)

  • Body to brain connections       (for everyone) 

  • Visual arts (for everyone)

  • Yoga (for everyone)

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