The Traumatised Self 

The Traumatised Self is a collection of works that explore visual articulations of the impact of traumatic stress on mind, brain and body. They are a result of my ongoing research into the neuroscience of trauma and the use of creative practices to develop new tools for trauma survivors to heal and be heard.


Artworks are given an auditory resonance through Simone Micieli’s compositions. His pieces have been created from a deep connection and empathy with my work. The music, collected in Music For Her Brain, is originally crafted in harmony with my process, and thought to allow the listener to experience their own personal journey within visual and music.


This collection is part of a vaster movement that aims at sparking conversations to break the daunting silence surrounding trauma and mental illness and raise awareness. Trauma is not rare and it is not foreign - it is happening right here, right now, and it affects us all. It is time we cultivated the courage to acknowledge this issue.

Recent exhibitions:

Willesden Gallery, London, October - November 2017

MRC Social Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry Centre, King's College, London, July - September 2017

To host The Traumatised Self in your space or purchase a piece, please contact me.

Preview of some pieces

Drawings, paintings and photography by Laura Fischer


Extracts of music composed, played and produced by Simone Micieli


© Laura E. Fischer 2020

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