Nobody wants to remember trauma. In that regard society is no different from the victims themselves. We all want to live in a world that is safe, manageable, and predictable, and victims remind us that this is not always the case. In order to understand trauma, we have to overcome our natural reluctance to confront that reality and cultivate the courage to listen to the testimonies of survivors.

Van Der Kolk, 2015

It is with this aim – cultivating the courage to acknowledge the reality of trauma – that my films are made and shared. From essay films to performance-based works, honest narratives to poetic articulations, these documentations often draw from my own experiences of interpersonal violence and trauma, yet these are not about me: they serve as opportunities for dialogues to be opened.


Screenings take place in a variety of appropriate settings, in both cultural and clinical scenes, where a safe space is created to enable discussions on a related topic relevant to the context – either specifically on violence, abuse, and trauma, or more generally on post-traumatic growth, experience-based healthcare improvement, or art as social practice, for instance.


To attend or host a screening, please contact me.


Previous Hosts

Preview of some films


Silence is Screaming, 2016, 4'33''


Through a collection of metaphors, all part of a bigger whole, Silence is Screaming speaks the unspeakable language of trauma. Fragmented, confused, visually striking, beautiful and painful, loud and silent. A poem soft and urgent both, a surge of meaning, jagged pieces in the mosaic of the Self, spiralling up and through the shattered realities of mind, brain and body.

Film written, directed, edited, and performed by Laura E. Fischer
Camera by Daniel Woodfield & Christopher Thomas Goodman
Costume Design by Christopher Thomas Goodman

Screened with John Cage's 4'33" performed by London Sinfonietta Orchestra


Embodied Trauma (part III/IV), 2018, 5’10’’


This film is part of a practice-led project in four layers – poetry, performative photography, moving image, and live art – entitled Embodied Trauma. These works are attempts at creating space for the expression of trauma, together exploring a trauma-led creative practice where the battleground of traumatic memories – the body – is the driving force. The form is the structure, but the works are shaped and defined by the momentary somatic articulations that come of the given space.


Performed by Laura E. Fischer (movement) and Alicia Jane Turner (violin)

Film shot and edited by Laura E. Fischer

Spoken word by Laura E. Fischer

Audio production by Simone Micieli

Laura Fischer - Anti Zweena.JPG


Anti Zweena, 2017, 13’

Anti Zweena: you are beautiful. Anti Zweena: anti-beautiful.

This film is a journey. A journey of closure. It is a journey of the one and a journey for us all. An open dialogue.

Lived, directed, and edited by Laura E. Fischer
Camera by Daniel Woodfield
Project management by Michael Ghossainy

© Laura E. Fischer 2020

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