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 VAMHN Event 
24 March, 10am-4pm



Transforming trauma: The radical embrace of vulnerability for healing and growth

Event on understanding violence, abuse, and mental health.

Hosted by the VAMHN Network

 Mental Health Question Time 
19 February


Should culture be prescribed

on the NHS?


There’s been a lot of recent interest in how the arts and sport might help people with their mental health. But is there enough evidence to justify the NHS paying for this? And what would this evidence look like, anyway?

Hosted by UCL, The Lancet Psychiatry,

and The Mental Elf

 Traumatised Selves 
19 November - 30 December


A group exhibition on visual articulations of trauma, a collective voice of lived experience, a reframing of vulnerability as raw strength, a space for conversations to be opened and steps toward positive change to be taken.

 Trauma-Focused Movement  Language 
25 November



A movement-based workshop on using body-to-brain connections to express and process traumatic memories - with theory and practice. For anyone identifying with having experienced trauma.

Offered in partnership with

Central Saint Martins

Museum & Study Collection

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