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A growing and constantly evolving collection of works under the name The Traumatised Self that explore visual articulations of the impact of trauma on mind, brain, and body. These result from both my personal experiences and my ongoing research on the neurobiological underpinnings of trauma.


This collection is part of a vaster movement that aims at sparking conversations, occupying the cultural scene with narratives that often do not make it into this space, and raising awareness of mental health, interpersonal violence, trauma, vulnerability and resilience.


Exhibitions are experienced through the auditory resonance of Simone Micieli’s compositions. His pieces have been created from a deep connection and empathy with my work. The music, collected in Music For Her Brain, is originally crafted in harmony with my process, and thought to allow the listener to experience their own personal journey within visual and music.


Recent Exhibitions


​Central Saint Martins Museum Collection - selected pieces in permanent exhibition

The Little Blue Door - selected pieces in permanent exhibition

Willesden Gallery

MRC Social Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry Centre, King's College


To host The Traumatised Self in your space or purchase an artwork, please contact me. All profits go to fund my research.


Drawings, paintings, and photography by Laura E. Fischer


Extracts of music composed, played, and produced by Simone Micieli