I investigate the adjunction of body-to-brain and brain-to-body approaches as a means to address body and mind in the treatment of developmental trauma, both by incorporating body-based techniques with established evidence-based methods such as EMDR and by developing a trauma-focused movement language; a survivor-led creative body-based practice for the expression, communication, and processing of traumatic memories.





Based on the broad and complex sequalae of symptoms associated with childhood abuse and neglect, the consensus among clinicians and researchers is that an adapted form of trauma treatment is necessary for this population. Moreover, the psychotherapeutic scene is predominantly equipped to treat the traumatised mind and therapies rarely address the traumatised body, yet it has been established that trauma, although psychological, is registered neurologically and physiologically, and is expressed in physical manifestations. Few interventions currently respond to either of these needs and, due to the high prevalence of adverse childhood experiences, effective treatments are imperative.





This work is predominantly conducted independently and has had the support of NIHR CLAHRC NWL and Queen Mary University of London. I also work with other trauma survivors through experimental workshops as I believe that those at the core of the matter should be at the core of the work.



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A lot of this work is self-funded through my art exhibitions. If you wish to support this project by purchasing an artwork, by making a donation, or by offering your skills or a studio – please contact me. We are extremely grateful for your support!

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