Childhood trauma

Redefining authorship and leadership.

Carving new paths for healing and growth.

Rewriting the narrative.

My work weaves creative approaches with scientific methods, and focuses on trauma - often with an activist agenda. The commonality in all that I do is a shift in the dynamics:

I believe that trauma survivors are not powerless broken individuals - we are survivors who have the power and the resources to lead our own healing and growth, and contribute to the healing and growth of our communities and the world at large.


Work pathways

Interdisciplinary research focused on:

  • Understanding the neuropsychology and neurophysiology of childhood trauma

  • Developing novel body-based and survivor-led approaches to healing

  • Developing a Trauma-Focused Movement Language to express + process traumatic memories

Talks and lectures for conferences and courses with the openness and courage to understand difficult realities, the willingness to reflect, and the inspiration to rethink, reimagine, and redesign.

  • Violence, abuse, neglect, trauma

  • Healing and growth

  • Arts + activism + health

  • Survivor leadership in mental health research and quality improvement

Consultancy services for organisations, institutions, researchers, and practitioners with the humility and bravery to reflect and improve.

  • Understanding complex trauma

  • Trauma-informed practice

  • Strength-based approaches

  • Meaningful + empowering survivor-led research, quality improvement, and PPI

Workshops for people with the curiosity and/or the need to understand mind, brain, + body connections, be creative, and take leadership of their wellbeing, healing, and growth.

  • Trauma-Focused Movement Language (for trauma survivors)

  • Body to brain connections (for all) 

  • Visual arts (for all)

  • Yoga (for all)

Visual articulations of trauma and healing on survivors' own terms: raising awareness, opening dialogues, and rewriting the narrative. 

This creative voice is not only a testimony to the reality and complexity of violence and abuse: it is a testimony of empowerment and hope.

  • Exhibitions, films, performances

  • Commissions

Written articulations of the impact of violence and abuse, the mechanisms and experiences of trauma, the role our society plays, and what we can do about it (culturally and clinically).

  • Academic articles

  • Book chapters

  • Poetry + creative writing

  • Blogs + short entries

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